3 Easy Heart Shape Decoration Ideas

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When we think about the party, the first thing comes in our mind is what? beautiful decoration. so many event managers are available for decoration but if we do itself then the enjoyment and fun are increased much more and one more benefit is that we complete our work in low cost or we can say low budget here we have talked about three-technique of party decoration. when we think about decoration our mind is full of colors paper, balloon, hanging pom-pom, latkan flowers and much more. Its totally depend on our mood or our event. Here we discuss three easy garland decoration technique .all these are very simple and easy .they are ready just in few minutes.so let's start making.

1 Heart Garland

Material required:

  • Decoration paper strip 24cm,20cm,12cm x3
  • Hole punch
  • Stapler
  • Ribbon


take two 24 cm strips with colors inwards .place one more in middle. Now the middle and the short strip with color outward. Push down the middle strip. Fold inward the same strip. Staple all the strips together. Fold all the strips toward the bottom. Half from the left side and a half for right side with measuring center strip. Staple all the strip together

Make a hole in the top. Make more heart in the same way And tread ribbon through the hole we punched. After that, we sat all these in the same distance and hang in the wall with the help of double tape or some hanging pin.

2nd Heart Garland


Material Required:

  • card
  • pencil
  • stapler
  • scissor


Fold the card in half. Cut a half heart shape. Cut the same shape on the inside. do the same with another color card. Use the first one as a pattern and cut all this paper in the same shape.S ort by color in the next step the second one cut in the bottom and two are put inside and staple. Continue in the same way. Staple the internal part of the heart in the bottom.

3rd Heart Garland

Material Required:

  • color paper
  • scissor
  • ribbon


Fold the color paper and cut in a heart shape. Use this first one as a template and cut all the papers. Apply some glue in the middle of heart shape paper and paste this on the ribbon. Do the same with other one .arranging all this with the color combination. In last the ribbon hangs on the wall. look it's so simple and beautiful. Here we discuss only heart shape hanging or garland you put your creativity and make these more beautiful. So know you know how you decorate your party with these hanging.so enjoy and share your experience with us.

garland 3
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