Beautiful Rainbow Painting with cotton buds

Hello Friends

Today we make a beautiful rainbow painting. I see this painting on youtube and I just love it. I think to share with you guys. So come and make with me.

Material Required:

  • Paper
  • pencil
  • paint


Initially, We apply white paint in a brush and blue paint in a tip on the brush and apply diagonal in canvas or paper. here we don't have the perfect shape just apply on paper and leave for some time for dry.

rainbow 2

In the next step, we draw the shape of a tree with a pencil according to the image.

then we make base and branches of a tree with the help of black color.  we start  making  branches thick and slightly goes to thinner


and then make grass and branches with black color.

after that, we start to make a tree with rainbow color. We take a cotton bud and apply color according to image one by one.

here we need to know we take cotton buds different with different color otherwise color difference comes in our painting.


Hope you like it. keep try and send me the picture after making.


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