Brilliant ideas of Reuse or Recycle of old Tier

I’m a big fan of DIY projects. I have a few old tires and I’m going to upcycle or reuse them and put them to good use. We can find several smart ways to use up old tires and that too without too much effort. The use of tires gives birth to many amazing but simple recycling ideas that will have you  Enjoy. In fact, do not be surprised if the use of old tires features in the list of smart furniture projects. One of my goals this summer is to put my old tires to use and make something creative with these tires.

Here Are Some Simple But Super Hit Ideas That We  Can Smartly Use To Make Use Of Your Old Tires:

Indoor /outdoor furniture :

Beach Seat:

All we need is something colorful to cover the outside of the tire, so with the help of different color we paint our old tire to look beautiful after that we need and to fill the inside of the tire and then a  beach umbrella to stand in the sand and there we have it.


Beautiful garden table:

Place one tire on top of another and fix firmly and then add a flat top on the top here mirror looks more beautiful on top of the tire and there you have a sturdy table ready for use in your porch, balcony, veranda or garden.



Use as a Planters :

Using tires in your garden as planters provide an incredible array of ideas to take advantage of. Their shape already lends themselves to a more classic design for use on chair, porches, and decks, plus they are sturdy and can be used with other materials to provide you with exactly what you may be imagined. Here we need to do is add the right coloring to the external part of the tires. Know  We drill the hole in the tire to plant the different combination of flower plants or any other potted plants.


Use as Play Equipment  :

Children’s outside backyard play equipment has always included old tire swings, but there are so many more ways to reuse old tires for playground usage. Rather than spend the money on ready-made structures your kids will only use for a one or two of years, look to how you might incorporate used tires. It will not only help you save money but also help create something that can be used again and again once your kids grow out of it and they also help to increase your kids' creativity.



We all know that the durability of tires provides the perfect foundation to create a myriad of shapes and forms for an endless supply of ideas for your outdoor decor. Plus, they aren’t going to weather breakdown through the many seasonal temperature changes they may be faced with strength. Step up your yard decoration game with a few of the examples I’ve provided below


Simple rocking animals shapes: If you cut a design out of the edge of your tire you’ll be able to peel back the rubber and make a unique way to display your free time flowering favorites. You can make a different shape like a duck, a horse and so on.

Conclusion: There are a lot of many different ideas I consider, as well as an endless supply of examples and different things made out of old tires. There is no way to share all the ideas here. These old tire ideas are creative, unique ways you can put to use all those old tires and explore your creativity. I’d love to hear which ideas are your favorite. And if you have anything else you want to share with us, feel free to contact us. Give me your feedback in comment box  And please share!

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