Color matching activity for kids

The summer season is going on and we can saw different types of fruits, flowers, and birds all around us, which are looking very beautiful. After seeing this, I felt why not we try some activity related to all these, that's why here we are making some colorful activity for a toddler, so today I have to present some creative and funloving color matching activity for kids, in which children will come to match colors with learning.

Peacock color matching activity for kids

Kids like to play with different animals. It is very fun for them to play with real animals or playing with the images of color full animals, such as painting animal images. Here we play with peacock animal with a different color. It is very important for the kids who are older than 2 years to distinguished the colors with one another and match them with each other. Here we will draw a peacock with different colored circles on it and then we will also paint the cap of the bottle with the same color and then give it to the children and let them match the cap with the same circle on the peacock. The children are going to have a lot of fun in this because they are using here so many colors and glue for pasting.

Fruit Color Matching Activity

Because it is the summer season and there are lots of seasonal fruits that children enjoy all of these very happily, so we thought why not with their help we can teach them to do color matching, so here we have taken five different fruit with different color and we will take fruit printout on A4 size, then we cut the circle shape from the middle of them and give the cut part to the children and let the kids match each part to the same spot. Here We can also teach children different colors and different fruit names in this creative way.

This is a perfect quick learning activity for little ones. You’ll only need a couple of supplies and you can prep it in less than five minutes!

Blogs Making Activity

Nowadays every child has blocks, from which you can also improve their motor skills and can also teach them color matching activity.

For this activity, we need block base and block. If you do not have a block base then you can use a paper for that. You can make a pattern of different colored blocks on the paper and then ask the child to make a tower of the same color block on it, which the child will enjoy very much because you can inspire him to do block building in a new way.

This activity takes only 2 to 3 minute to setup


2 in 1 activity!

It’s a tricky fine motor activity as the kids try to put each block in the small single block space. Toddlers are going to enjoy this challenge! it’s tricky enough but not really a difficulty for the little ones.

Color Matching Activity with a Car Parking garage

Here we will make a  parking garage with the different colors space like green, orange, blue, red, and yellow on a paper and we take a five same color car to and tell the children to match the same color with the parking space on the garage and place the car on the same color on garage space. We know that children love to play with cars and vehicles, so we can use this thing well here and teach them color matching here with fun. We can also use toy cars and we can also make them on paper. It's an eye-catching activity for kids and the enjoy a lot with the car.

Color matching through Birds

In this session, we saw many different kinds of birds in different we think why should we not try these themes in our color matching this activity, we take a printout of a tree. On which we paste some square shapes in green, yellow, red, orange, and blue colors.we prepare some bird shape cards in the same color to and give it to the children and let the children match each bird to the right place. This is a very simple and quick activity. .Here we use hook and loop stickers to make a reusable activity. This activity will increase the understanding of both color and bird in children

All these activities required a printout but if you don’t have a printer then you make these yourself using color paper and session to. I have made all these myself for my kids.

If you try any of this activity please share with us on our FB page .here we post your try with your name and image to

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