Craft Felt Bean Bag

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Today we make a craft felt bean bag.C raft up a few of these fun felt bean bags for a kids craft day! These are perfect for kids to help with. They will love to help make their felt shape and fill it full with dry beans. You could make these for a children's game or activity. Or I know a few teachers who might like a set of these!

Material Required:

  • felt
  • scissors
  • craft glue - or hot glue if you have adult supervision
  • dry beans


diy2 fealt bean bag


Using your scissors, cut out 2 of the same shape with the felt. You can make these any shape you'd like. We chose hearts since they are easy to cut out. You could do squares or circles too.


diy 3felt3

Add craft glue to one side of the felt. Leave 2-3 inches of your felt with no glue, to allow for filling the beans.



Place the second piece of felt on top of the glued piece. Press them together. Allow these to dry. It might take overnight to dry if you use white craft glue.


NOTE: if you have adult supervision, I suggest using hot glue.



Once your glue is dry, fill your bag with beans. Not too full. Leave it a little soft so that you can glue the rest of the top.

After you've filled your beans inside your bean bag, add glue to the rest of the felt. Press the sides together and allow this to dry overnight. You want to make sure there are no holes in your glue, or your beans will fall out.

diy6 felt


TIP: you could stitch around your heart as well with a needle and thread. This will keep it all in place.

Have fun with your new bean bags. Toss them around and play a few games!

Hope you enjoy it

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