How to Make Balloon Animal

Balloon animals make a great thrill not just to kids but also among the adults. One can make different animals such as monkeys, swans, dogs, snakes, and birds among others using balloons of different colors.

Material Required:

To make balloon animals, the first step requires that you purchase balloons that are long enough and ones which have been designed to make balloon animals. These you can find in costume or party stores. Then, inflate the balloon(s) either using your lungs or a hand pump. A hand pump is preferred to using the lungs and they can be purchased at a toy or party store for they are much faster and effective. Once inflated, grasp it and then tie it at the tip.



There are a number of animals that one can make using balloons, the most common and easier one to make is a dog. To go about making a balloon dog, here’s what you need to do:

Like earlier mentioned, inflate the balloon but, instead of inflating it to the very end, leave a few inches at the end. This end is what will be used as the dog’s tail. Once done, tie the balloon at the top. Then, twist the balloon to make four segments from the top (where it has been tied). The first segment ought to be a bit longer than the other two for it will act as the dog’s snout. The fourth segment ought to be the longest for it will be used in making the rest of the dog’s body. After this, you need to twist the second and third segments together in order to make a lock twist which in this case will function as the dog’s ears. The twist ought to be strong enough to prevent the two parts from untwisting.

You will further be required to make three more segments and with the first one being only a few inches from the ears. This will function as the neck. The other two segments ought to be equal in size for they will be used to make the dog’s front legs. These two need to be twisted together to make another lock twist so as to prevent them from untwisting. If the balloon is long enough, it would be okay to make the legs a little longer but if not, then short legs could also be just fine.

After this, you will need to make four more final segments. These will be used in creating the dog’s body, its back legs, and the tail. Once you are done twisting them, hold them in one hand before using the other to create another lock twist using the second and third segments. This last lock twist will create the dog’s back legs. At the end of it, you should have a well-sculptured balloon dog with a knotted nose, a bit short ears, a short neck, four legs, a straight back and tail that points upwards.


Precaution :

To ensure that your work is perfect and that you don’t end up popping any of the balloons as you work, it’s important to have your hands free of any jewelry or have long nails. When all of these precautionary measures are taken, it’s very probable that you’ll be able to make your animals in less than a minute, or just a few minutes. In addition, always make sure that you purchase high-quality balloons that can withstand the twisting. Although it’s not that easy determining the quality of the balloon at a glance, one way of knowing if’s it of good quality or not is by looking at the price. Usually, the very cheap balloons are of poorer quality.

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