Learning the Number and Alphabet with Cotton Buds Painting

Teaching children to learn letters and numbers does not always require a pen, pencil, or other writing tools. We tried to write the alphabet with cotton Bud's painting idea. Try cotton Buds for an easy-to-cleanup activity for painting letters and/or numbers.

Learning the Number  with Cotton Buds Painting

All you need to set this up for your preschool-aged child is a piece of, paint, a marker or pen, and cotton Buds.

Write the Number with Cotton Buds

First, write the Number and Alphabet on the piece of paper.

We were learning upper case letters, so that is what I wrote. You can practice lower case if that is where your child is in their learning.

viraj cooton

Prepare the painting area.

Place a paper sheet on thin cardboard or on a flat surface (we do our projects on our child study table).

 At first, My son wanted to use one color of the paint but after writing two three-letter he uses multiple colors of paint to alternate colors, You and your child can choose what you would like to do.

At first, my son was dotting along with each letter, but it was ultimately better pre-writing practice to trace each letter using the cotton Buds…it was quicker too.

Sometimes child feels it's boring to copy everything, or not engaging enough for the creative child, so this merges that require for art exploration with a more structured activity like tracing the letters.

viraj cotton bids2

Even if your child is not yet ready for this structured activity of learning to write the alphabet with cotton Buds, painting with cotton Buds is a nice alternative to paint brushes. Since it is easy to use multiple colors and simple to clean up!

cooton bids
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