Paper Sun flower

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Everyone love flower.P presence of flower give the smile on millions of faces. I always happy when I make them.when we see sunflower we feel some positiveness. So today we make paper sunflower. Its making is so easy. This is ready just in five minutes.its also use in Paper Flowers, Yellow Flowers, Sunflower Decor, Sunflower Crafts, Home Decor, Party Decor, Fall Decor, Handmade.

Material required:

  • Yellow, green, and black  Crap paper
  • Green tape
  • Tea seeds or sarso seeds
  • Glue



IMG_20180306_153715 - Copy


Let's start, we take a yellow crap paper and cut paper in a square shaped

after that fold it into half twice according to our image.


IMG_20180306_153911 - Copy

fold again to make diagonal creases.

Cut the pointed edge of the paper according to an image or like a leaf



Now open the sheet or paper.this is looked like our image .one is enough but if you need bigger flower than cut more like this in a smaller size or big also.




we cut the same shape in green color .we take green paper little bigger than this one because this is used for leaf and this is attached with glue


IMG_20180306_154049 - Copy
IMG_20180306_154202 - Copy

Now we put small one over bigger and past it

firstly we take green paper and apply glue over it and yellow paper past on this

Now we take a small yellow paper and past over it

After that, we cut yellow paper in the round shape

Apply glue in the center art and put paper over it.and put some tea seeds or sarso seeds over it.



or you can use a black pen or paint for this

over flower is ready now. Hope you. enjoy it

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