Pumpkin Treat Bag

The kids get especially excited this time of year as Halloween quickly approaches. You will be spending money on the costumes and the candy for the kids visiting your home, but you do not have to spend money this year creating the treat bag for the kids to collect their goodies. Regardless if they are going as a princess, pirate, superhero or robot, creating a pumpkin treat bag will be the perfect accessory for their costumes. Here are a few simple ways that you can create the pumpkin treat bag with items you already have around the house.

The Pillow Case Pumpkin

pillow pumking

The pillowcase is the most durable of the treat bags, and they make them in different sizes depending on the age of your child. If you have a large white pillowcase in your linen closet, you can simply cut the case down to accommodate smaller children. If your child is too young to help, you can create the entire bag on your own. If your child is at that age where they love crafting, this is a great way to get them involved with the project and let them show off a little of their artistic side. You can do both sides of the bag if you like, however, the front alone will most surely do for trick or treating at nighttime. Paint the entire pillowcase black, and let dry completely. Then paint the pumpkin shape orange, leaving the eyes, nose, and mouth of the pumpkin to be the black you already painted. Fill in all the pumpkin in orange paint and let dry. You can also use magic markers or crayons if you do not want to use paints.

The Paper Bag Pumpkin

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Many department stores still give out those large brown paper bags with plastic handles to their customers when shopping at their store. These bags are the perfect base to create the pumpkin treat bag. They are also much easier to work with than the pillowcase because of their smooth surface. Because the brown paper bag is much easier to work with, you can get a little more creative with your bag. You can trace the outline of your pumpkin with a pencil, and either paint or color the bag with orange and black and greens. The bag can also be decorated with accessories to really give it some character. Once your bag is colored to your liking, you can glue on some buttons for the eyes, or staple some small streamers to the sides and bottom of the bag. If your kids are of the age to craft, you can help them by creating the pumpkin shape, but let them add their own personality to the pumpkin by either coloring or adding the accessories to the bag. The paper bag is perfect to glue or staple little bats, ghosts and goblins around the pumpkin.

The Canvas Pumpkin Treat Bag

canvas pumking

For children who are of the age to really be creative with their treat bags, the canvas bag is the best way to let them express themselves this Halloween. You can find these 15×16 tan canvas bags for a dollar at any local crafting supply store in your area. The canvas bag is the perfect pumpkin bag because of its durability. You can pint on them, color on them with markers and use crayons on them very easily. You can also use a combination of all three to really make the treat bag stand out. Draw the shape of the pumpkin on the bag and then draw over the line with a nice tipped black marker. This will really create a crisp and clean looking pumpkin. Color in the pumpkin with orange, either paint or markers are fine. Paint or color the background in black or green or any background the kids prefer. Embellish the bag with sequins, or use some glitter glue to make the eyes and mouth appear 3D. These canvas bags are very durable and can handle all the paint, glue, and coloring you can dish out. If you have any leftover crafting supplies around the house, the canvas bag can definitely take the abuse of adding as many accessories as you like.

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