Rose flower with Arkandi fabric

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Everyone love roses. They look beautiful in every place. So today we have to make roses with arkandi fabric. They look like original and the best part is these flowers make by hand. Roses are complete less than an hour or we can say 1/2 hour. This is a very easy project. Making of this project is more fun for us

Material Required:

1 Meter red arkandi fabric

  • beeds
  • thin wire
  • green tape
  • tread (color is same as arkandi fabric)
  • pinch of cotton





step 1: let's start with cut the fabric in strips form.2 strip is 3 inches and another 2 strips is 2 inches and  2 strips are 1 inch

step 2: after cutting the strip we cut all this in square form to make petals (or kale).Don't forget a different size in a different place.  Now fold the cloth to two equal halves to make a triangle. Unfold the cloth piece and bend a corner to the center. Do the same with the opposite side. Fold it to two equal halves. Now slowly roll the corners with wire to make the petal shape.



step 3: After making petal we take a wire and at one corner it will wrap by Arkadi covered cotton and Take a petal and wrap it around the aluminum wire. The folded corners of the petals should face outside. This is the central part of our flower. Take another petal tie with tread around a center part. fast we have applied small petals and then the bigger one.


After that, we apply for green leave and the remaining wire is covered by green tape. This looks like the original one. we make this flower with crap paper or any other paper also.


our flower is complete, Hopefully, you enjoy it. If you like it please share like it

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