Sock Doll

Hello friends

Today we make socks doll. Making of socks doll is little fun for enjoy this project here we make this simple doll using a sock! here we and you come together and use our imagination and make many. So let's start

Materials Needed:

  • Large White Sock
  • Poly Fiber Fill or Cotton Balls
  • Rubber Band
  • Yarn or Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Unwanted Clothing
  • Markers


Start out with a large, white sock. Fill it up to the cuff with poly-fill or cotton balls.... (EVEN TISSUE PAPER)! Tie a little rubber band around the lowest part, right above the filling. Next, cut the cuff all the way down to the rubber band and fold over the extra sock. You can sew it together with embroidery floss. Cut up and glue on yarn or ribbon as a hair on top of the "doll" in all sorts of directions. Cut up unwanted clothes, clothes, towels, etc. and use as clothing (this can be sewn or glued).

Use a marker to draw on the face, and you may use googly eyes for the eyes!

What I did with the "doll" is made a bedroom out of cardboard and other things. Use a very small food box (what I used was something from a strawberry extract) and cut it very little to look like a toy box. I made the room look so realistic!

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